“Established in 2000, GTC Bridal has been a witness to countless love stories”

GTC Bridal has been the perfect choice since its debut. We have spent RM1 million in building classical renovation and spacey photography indoor. We also offer a variety of collection of wedding dresses that let you feel like most beautiful self.

With a wide price range to suit all bridal budgets combined with customised needs, best package deals, to undecided starting the wedding plan, you are sure to get superb attention to detail to process services such as wedding theme choice, finding dream dress, arrangement of indoor, outdoor and actual day photography as well as photos frames and albums, from GTC Bridal.

Our salon has more than 500 designed and ready-to-wear wedding gowns. Whether a bride is searching for pre wedding photography, actual day and wedding dinner gowns, GTC Bridal offers a wide variety of gowns to suit her needs. Moreover, our gown lines diverse tastes of classic, simple pure, pattern, gorgeous and other styles.